10 Step Off The Plan Purchase Process For Property Investors

Buying off-plan properties are a bit different to regular property investment purchases. The process for entering an off-plan property investment strategy requires more waiting because the property hasn’t been built yet. Usually when property investors choose to buy an off-plan property, they are looking for a good deal on the price as well as the capital appreciation that will make the property more valuable after it is completed.

Here is an easy to follow 10 step process for property investors looking to get the most out of an off the plan property.

  1. Find a suitable off-plan development

Do research on the location you want to target. Take into account what the property is going to be for, who is going to live in the property and how any of those people are in the location. A promising location will have high prospects, low property prices and high rental yields.

  1. Speak to a mortgage adviser

A mortgage adviser can help you finance your investment if you are not a cash buyer. Most off-plan student accommodation will be cash purchases. Find the right mortgage for you.

  1. Reserve the property

If it is an ideal location and property you should reserve the property by paying a reservation fee. This can be anything up to £1000.

  1. Arrange a valuation

Your mortgage lender will require a surveyor’s valuation after the offer has been made to see how much they can lend you.

  1. Contact a conveyancer or solicitor

A solicitor or legal specialist in property (conveyancer) will be able to guide you through the legal paperwork and requirements.

off the plan property

  1. Complete mortgage paperwork

Make sure all the mortgage paperwork is complete so you can finance your off-plan investment. You want to do this well in advance of the property completion date to avoid any issues from last minute arrangements.

  1. Exchange legal contracts

Your solicitor will exchange contracts with the developer or property seller to legally secure the property ownership.

  1. Pay the deposit

The deposit for the off-plan property investment will need to be paid. Usually it is 5-10% of the purchase price.

  1. Get a snagging survey

Two weeks before completion get a snagging survey to check the property for defects during construction.

  1. Get ready for development completion

You will be handed the keys after completion. There are two dates the developer will give you. The ‘short stop’ is the date they expect to be complete by and the ‘long stop’ is the date they must be complete by.


Guide To Designing a Basement For Residential Properties

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UHM Basements Waterproofing Service

The first thing you need to consider when intending on a functional basement for the home is to consider a good basement design concept. A design program will steer you into the right direction since you actualize your thoughts. The challenge is to know the way to create a good cellar design. Why is a good design? What research has to be done? If your home has walk out pathways, ask your own contractor if the building will support new sliders or French doors. You may then focus on artificial light to more decorate or add drama to your space.

You should strategically place artificial lighting where you need it, such as in the corners of the room. You can include recessed appliances, sconces and hanging lights to increase the space. Next, attempt to incorporate a cellar design that go with the remainder of your house to develop a smooth transition. You may use the same color palette into your cellar with the one ruling your whole house. Use comparable hardware such since door knobs, drawer handles, hinges, and so forth. If that you are located in an area where flooding generally occurs or is probably to happen, then you’ve got to take into account a kind of flooring which might be readily maintained and fixed in the event a flood occurs.

basement london

Now what other accessories and accents should you use? Add character to the area by having an accent wall of a colour that stands out from the rest. Paint vertical lines on a wall or all walls if that you wish to visually add height to a very low ceiling cellar. The final consideration to create pertaining to cellar layout is the overall function of your cellar. Do not over specialize-if there is a possibility you will be selling your home in the future, consider other people’s preferences. Ascertain that any custom feature you have employed may be readily reused or reconstructed for other means.

If you need more advice on how to design a basement then you can get involved with a basement conversion company.

Vehicle Delivery Services for GMC Envoy XUV

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At Safeways Car Delivery, we can transport and recover vehicles nationwide. Based in Essex, our vehicle delivery services save you time and money.vehicle delivery services

It’s a variation off GMC’s Envoy XL, as in Extra Large, a four-door wagon for the mid-size class with wheelbase stretched 13 inches longer than the regular version and 16 inches added to the overall length plus the roof hiking several inches higher.

At first glance, this one seems quite conventional. But a closer look reveals something unusual happening at the wagon’s boxy tail.

In the version rolling at Milford, a tree seems to sprout through the roof.

The tree — placed aboard the vehicle to demonstrate a capacity for hauling tall goods such as a garden sapling or perhaps even a refrigerator — actually extends above the rear section of the roof, as the roof panel is missing to create an open and airy cargo compartment.

The Features

The cargo bay, measuring 32 inches square, functions like a miniature truck bed for toting too-tall gear and it can be completely isolated from the water-tight cabin. Where’s the missing roof section?

It folds away like a sunroof panel via power controls.

Thus the new wagon — dubbed the Envoy XUV — becomes the first sport-utility equipped with a power sliding roof.

Tap a button on the console and the trailing edge of the roof slides back to reveal the open-air cargo bay. Or keep the roof closed and the cargo bay remains a part of the passenger compartment like any other SUV.

Actually, you can work the bay several different ways — partly open, completely closed or all exposed.

Versatility comes from the power sliding roof in conjunction with two partitions — a middle gate set behind the passenger area and a tailgate at the rear of the wagon.

This mid-ship gate — dubbed by GM as a Midgate — has a window in the upper section and a composite lower panel.

The window glass can be raised or lowered with push-button power and the entire panel can be folded flat after the back seat folds and tumbles forward.

With the Midgate down, there’s a flat cargo bay extending for 76 inches to the tailgate for an expanded cargo volume of 95 cubic feet.

With Midgate raised and window up, the cabin is sealed off from the rear cargo compartment. You get a conventional cabin with two bucket seats up front and a three-person bench in back, followed by the Midgate sealer and a rear bay that’s either open or enclosed.

At the rear of the vehicle a second gate with power window folds down to floor level or swings to the right side for bumper access to the cargo area.

And don’t worry about making a mess in the back bay — the wash-and-wear tail section comes with weather-resistant materials plus a drain system so it can be hosed out for cleaning.

Inside, there are four tie-down rings that can be moved around plus four more fixed rings on the roof so you can lock down any load of gear. There’s even the option for a custom-made tent that wraps around the rear with tailgate dropped and an air mattress inflated across the cargo floor.

So you end up with a conventional wagon’s bay or a wagon with a miniature truck bed in back, or a vehicle that’s part wagon and part truck — all through push-button conversion of the roof panel and two gate windows.

Powertrains for Envoy the XUV compare to Envoy XL.

Standard is the Vortec 4200 in-line-six developed by GM to generate the high horsepower of a V8 engine but the fuel efficiency of a V6.

Self Assessment Accounting Specialists For London Businesses

Self assessment is needed to produce a set of accounts. The format of the reports is the personal decision of the Owner and might be a complete set of annual accounts including profit and loss account and balance sheet including using control accounts and cash and bank notes and the self assessment tax return. The format of the Account is the proprietor’s decision and May be a set of reports including profit and loss account and balance sheet Containing using control Balances and bank and cash records along with the self assessment tax return. An accounting system for self would Not be to prepare a set of reports, but Rather to prepare a simple income and expenditure account.

Preparing an income and expense account allows book system or a simpler. The aim of any book keeping software being produce totals and the bookkeeping records required to complete the inland revenue self assessment tax return each year and to maintain records. Financial control is extremely important and the book software should produce financial statements showing the company’s Gain and loss during the trading periods that are bookkeeping. The tax varies depending on the country business is conducted. In the United Kingdom the standard financial year adopted by the inland revenue is from 6 Apr every year to the 5 Apr the subsequent year.

taxIn the United Kingdom tax rules are set for each financial year and by adopting the standard tax year a small business can benefit by preparing the financial accounts under a single set of tax rules and preparing the self assessment tax return accordingly. Adopting a different monetary period involves straddling the official tax year and one or more set of tax rules could be applicable to the tax calculation resulting from the net profit being declared. After choosing the APR to APR monetary tax year reports are needed to be submitted by the submission deadline of 31 January the subsequent year. Earlier submission is recommended as by submitting That the final reports and tax returns on-line by 31 October every year the inland revenue will compute the income tax and national insurance payable. When a self employed business has been in business to Get two or 3 years and has selected a different 12 month accounting period to the financial tax year the 12 month tax is calculated based on a basis period. Up until that point the accounts can be subject to apportionment to compute the tax due. Click here to read more about self assessment specialists at Royds Accountancy.

Outsource Your Tax Investigation So You’re Not Confused

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You can outsource your tax investigation, but you need to be sure you hire the right people to work on this for you. Otherwise, you may end up getting stolen from or have problems getting the best return possible. After reading these tips, you’ll have a good idea of how to get started.

The best way to find some people to talk to about getting your taxes done would be to look for places where freelance professionals gather. Just avoid letting people do the work that are not in your country and that are trying to bid on doing it for a lot less than you see on average. You need to be able to meet up with this person, and you also need to know that they have a good past. Look for people with adequate proof of their ability to help businesses deal with tax issues, and you will be happy with your results.

As you get help from anyone, you will want to make sure that you sometimes double check what has been done. If you notice, for instance, that this year you paid a lot more into taxes, you should request proof why that is happening. Otherwise, you may be getting money taken out of your company and not even be aware of it. Any money should have a trail behind it, through electronic transactions and those on paper. If there is nothing, you need to carefully look at who you employ.

Be aware of every rule regarding taxes, or at least hire someone that is very good at working on this. You do not want to miss one thing, or it could lead to issues with fines and every other type of problem that the government can cause for you. Many businesses that don’t do their taxes right get shut down all the time or have to go out of business because they have to pay at on of money back to the government. Be cautious about who you hire to help and you shouldn’t have this issue.

When you are able to outsource the work you need to do to file and keep track of taxes, you’ll have much more time on your hands. If you have a business or just don’t like doing your personal taxes, now you have a way to get the help you need.

Public Relations To Grow Your Business With Media Placement

In the event you have thought about promoting your business through a public relations company, be aware you may have a tough road ahead to do so successfully. If it were easy, everyone would be doing it. Most people who make the decision to use PR and press to increase brand awareness end up not actually making it successful as there are many pitfalls.

Regardless of how far back you would care to look, you would find that individuals who are promoting a business through a public relations company have one huge thing in common: they appreciated what they were getting into. They understood what it was going to be like, everything that promoting a business through a public relations company involved, coupled with everything that was needed of them to successfully accomplish their goals. When you interpret what it requires to promote a business through a public relations company, there would be nothing to stop you!

Promoting a business through a public relations company has a tangible quality to it. Any action that you plan ahead of time will bring a greater result. You’ll find the strength behind your mind will bring you up to your goal.

So now, what do we know? Ultimately we know that increasing brand awareness through a public relations company is no easy task especially when you are struggling with your business. Promoting a business through a public relations company requires you to be forward-thinking, ambitious, and with a good entrepreneurial brain.


Now we will move on to what you truly have to make happen.

You asked “Do I want my business to grow” You couldn’t have gotten this far if you responded no. The actual reality is a certain personality type will be successfully promoting their business through a public relations company, one that can focus, plan and implement.

You asked those questions and looked deep within yourself to determine if you really possess everything that is needed to promote a business through a public relations company. And you have achieved quite a bit to date. Most people who have failed promoting a business through a public relations company did so because all of them were not entirely primed. Just by seeing if you had what it takes to promote a business through a public relations company in advance, you certainly have invested yourself into moving ahead.

You had previously asked yourself: “Do I want to increase brand awareness” Rationally, you had to ask this to yourself. Anyone that replied no to this will remain unable to take any action to grow their business.

Always remember that using PR and public relations is the number one method to guarantee success at growing a business. If you start feeling worn out, be mindful that by simply looking to grow their business in your legwork, you will be ready to conquer this challenge.


A Professional Organiser – Ways To Organise Your London Property

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Please Organise Me Services – Professional Organiser London

More presentations from Please Organise Me


Keeping your London property clutter free can be hard to do. It seems that the more time we spend away from our homes, the less we notice the clutter building up.

Along with this, shopping has become so much easier. Now you don’t even have to leave your bed to make a purchase, you can do it online in the comfort of your own home. On top of that, it is delivered straight to your door, so if you are a compulsive spender like many people, by the time your postman gives you your delivery, you may regret it or forget that you even bought it in the first place.

Furthermore, people are living busier lifestyles. There are always things to do and people to meet. This makes it even harder for people to stay on top of their clutter because they are juggling so many things at one time.

And let’s not get into the ongoing struggle of balancing your work life and family life. We all know how stressful it can be when you are spending all day at work, only to come home to a disorganised, cluttered living environment. It can be even worse for those who own a small business or work from home, as it is likely that if your home is cluttered, your work space will most likely be riddled with the same extent of clutter as your home.

professional organiser

Organisation Tips from Professional Declutterers in London

Don’t Rely On Storage

Whilst you should obviously and quite rightly be allowed to keep things in your home, you shouldn’t just stuff everything into a storage container or bag and call it a day. Although your guests and friends may not know that the clutter is there, you will. And in order to free yourself from clutter, you will need to go ahead and do it instead of cutting corners.

Use Clever Storing Methods

There are plenty different types of furniture that has hidden storage compartments such as beds with draws underneath, or things you can add to your property such as shelves. Bottom line is that storage doesn’t have to be a plastic box or black trash bag; it can be decorative as well. You can find clever ways to store important documents, sentimental objects and possessions such as clothing and shoes.

Avoid Using Counter Tops as A Dumping Ground

Counter tops, tabletops, windowsills and other flat surfaces can easily become a clutter zone. Instead of leaving something on your counter top, thinking that it will only be for a second or that you will throw it away later, put it back in it’s place straight after you’re done using it. Not only will this keep you organised, but you will know which items to throw away if you find that they don’t have a place in your home.

Following these tips will keep you organised and your home clutter free. The most effective way to declutter is by contacting a professional organiser, as they have the expertise and skills to help you complete an otherwise tedious task.



Are You In Need Of A London Emergency Dental Clinic 

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As an adult, there may come a time when you find out that a London emergency dental clinic is something that is necessary for your oral health. There could be several reasons why you may need to have a tooth pulled by your dental professional.



There are times when your dentist may want to pull a tooth or two to help prepare your mouth for orthodontic purposes. The overall goal of having orthodontia done is to help with aligning your teeth in a proper fashion. This may not be achievable if you have overcrowding or your teeth are too big for the size of your mouth. By the same token, if you do not have enough room in your mouth, a tooth may be lurking under the gum and unable to break through. These are times when your dentist may suggest pulling.


Risk Of Infectionlondon emergency dental clinic

If you happen to have an immune system that is compromised, such as getting ready to have an organ transplant or going through chemotherapy, the risk of infection could be too great to ignore. Even the idea of the risk of infection in one or more of your teeth could be enough reason for your dentist to want to pull it for you.



If you happen to have tooth decay or any sort of damage that extends into the pulp, the bacteria can make its way in and cause an infection. There are times when this situation can be remedied with the help of root canal therapy, however if the infection ends up being severe to the point that a root canal or antibiotics cannot cure it, an extraction may be necessary to help keep the infection from spreading.


Gum Disease

Also known as periodontal disease, gum disease is actually an infection of the bones and tissues that work to surround your teeth to offer support. If there is some sort of disease that is going on and it has led to a loosening of one or more of your teeth, it may be necessary to go through the extraction process to get them out.

As with any major oral procedures, your dental professional will have special training to perform any sort of tooth extraction. Prior to pulling your tooth, you will receive a local anesthetic injection to help numb the region. If there is more than one tooth that is being pulled or if there is a tooth that happens to be impacted, your dentist might need to use general anesthetic that is much stronger. This will help to prevent pain and even allow you to sleep throughout the procedure. For an impaction, the dentist will cut away the gum and loosen any bone tissue that covers the tooth and then pull it with forceps.

The thought of having to have a tooth extracted may be frightening to some, however your dental professional will be available to answer any questions and to make the procedure go as smoothly as possible. The end result will hopefully be a happy, healthy mouth.

Why Small Business Bookkeeping Services Are A Great Investment


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The world of modern commerce is far too complicated for any single entrepreneur to master at a professional level. In order to run your own company and do it well, you’ll have to delegate some of your responsibilities to trustworthy experts. A firm that can provide small business bookkeeping services should be one of your first partners.


Professional Expertise On A Shoestring Budget

Sometimes the single greatest challenge you face as the owner of a new, independent business is keeping costs under control. It can take time to publicise your services, build a customer base, and gain traction in your local market. While all this is going on, you have to make every penny count to keep your costs to a minimum.


You can’t cut yourself off from professional bookkeeping services in the name of economizing, though! Fortunately, small business bookkeeping specialists provide you with all of the expertise you need at a fraction of the cost of building an in-house accounting team. Many firms that specialise in working with small businesses even allow you to pick and choose exactly the services you need. You can get the help you want without paying for any unnecessary extras.

small business bookkeeping

Coping With Change Effortlessly

Technology isn’t the only part of the business environment that’s changing rapidly these days. As you’re already well aware from handling your private taxes, financial regulations and requirements tend to shift from year to year. The effect grows much larger once you go into business and take on commercial financial responsibilities! You have an obligation to provide both your firm and your employees with expert, error-free financial services. You also need to keep your personal finances in order, too!


By relying on a professional firm for all of your bookkeeping needs, you don’t have to worry about the details of changing financial regulations and tax policies. Your bookkeepers will track all of the necessary information and ensure that you meet all of your obligations. You can’t afford to waste your limited time studying amendments to the tax laws, but that’s your bookkeepers’ bread and butter.


A Groundwork For Growth

Every giant multinational company started out as a humble business with a handful of employees. You might not have your sights set on the world stage, but you’re still probably envisioning yourself at the head of a larger, more prosperous company five years down the road, right? As your company grows, your financial needs are going to change. Don’t get caught unawares by new obligations or increased responsibilities as success works its magic on your business.


Besides a reliable service provider, a good bookkeeper will also help you plan out your company’s growth. You can take advantage of their financial expertise to anticipate the challenges to come and to marshall the financial resources you’ll need to thrive in the future. Many small companies stumble and fall in the process of transforming themselves into larger enterprises. Don’t let your business be one of them!


With your bookkeeping needs entrusted to the right firm, you’ll be free to devote your attention on the parts of your business that need it the most. Follow your talents and exercise them fully by letting talented bookkeepers shoulder the day-to-day financial load. You’ll be more productive and also provide a positive, professional working environment for your employees.

Three Solid Tips For Selling A Van Online Fast And Safely

Those that remember to old ways of selling your car, with the expensive newspaper ads that you had to wait a week to get published, then were disappointed when the phone didn’t ring, will be surprised at how easy it has become. Here are some tips for selling a van online.


If You Want A Quick Sale For Your Van Write A Good Description

This is a point that is often overlooked, but many people that are reading your ad, are also reading the ads of used car salesmen, and your ad doesn’t compare. Take a little time to read through the ads on the internet and borrow a few of their key phrases and techniques. Don’t copy them exactly, but the general idea of how it’s done. Make sure you mention all the great qualities of your van, the seats, the cleanliness, nice wheels, good tires and awesome stereo as well. If you sound like you love your van, it will come through in your description.


Take Twice As Many Good Photos As You Think You Need

Some online classified sites will limit the photos, or charge an extra fee for large amounts. But other sites will allow plenty, and you should take advantage of them, by submitting close ups of your tires, wheels, seats, dashboard, stereo, engine compartment, and any other parts you can imagine. The more you include in your ad, the faster your van will sell, and for a higher price too.


Avoid Thieves And Scammers

There will be people calling that want you to ship your car to the Middle East, or even across the country, these are always scams. There will also be people that can only meet you in some dark alleyway in selling my van onlinethe bad part of town, just laugh them off, they don’t have the money anyway. Have them come to your home, or meet them in a busy, crowded location, and maybe bring a friend along to make sure you aren’t getting robbed. Don’t take checks from out of state banks, post dated, or certified because those are most likely stolen or forged. If some one wants to write a check, complete the transaction in their local bank where you can have the money in your hand in cash before you leave.


Selling a van online has never been easier, with the proliferation of the internet and hundreds of online classified sites. Just make sure you take advantage of all the have to offer, and play it safe when making the transfer of funds.

How to Find the Right Accountant

Accountants in Essex
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While starting a new business is a thrilling adventure, it comes with many responsibilities. You will need to focus on many aspects of your business and give particular attention to your accounting practices and ensure you work with a dependable accountant to take care of your bookkeeping and tax obligations. It is important to look for the assistance of a professional accountant who can turn out to be a accountantsgreat asset for your business. But how do you choose the right accountant for your business?

Conduct a thorough research. You need to seek out recommendations and referrals from the people you always work with, including insurance agents, lawyers, bankers and business that are in the same sector.

Confirm the credentials of any candidate. It is important to check the qualifications and experiences of any candidate you are planning to hire. Some people working as accountants or bookkeepers do not have the necessary education or a license to practice in the field. Hence, you need to ensure you are hiring the right person for the job.

Ensure that you are comfortable working with your accountant. Experts say that you need to develop a close working relationship with your accountant. Make sure that you have specific objectives for your company and that your accountant is familiar with them.

Seek out the right expertise. This is because there is broad array of specialities in accounting. Some accountants serve in specific sectors while others work in high net worth companies. Make sure that you hire an accountant who will understand the specific tax regulations relevant to your business.

One of the best business decisions you can make is to hire an accountant for your company. These professionals are a great source of advice as regards incorporating your company and determining your employee tax needs. These accountants especially enjoy working with businesses that want to get on the right path with their bookkeeping and tax issues.

Using Customer Relationship Management Systems

Customer relationship management systems, or CRM’s manage and maintain the ongoing flow of business that a company has with current and future customers, and other key contacts. The term relationships is the key and by using technology to organize and keep track of sales, marketing, customer service and support, a process is streamlined that would otherwise have to be done by hand.

Each vendor that sells CRMs, as they are called, will have its own special features, and for the most part these will be outlined on their websites. They will also many times provide a sample of their system, or they will offer a trial period so that you can see just how it might fit with your company.

Relationship management allows you to be responsive to customer needs in such a way that you are timely and up-to-date with all customer needs and concerns. This ability allows you to stay in touch with a large customer and prospect bases that would be impossible if such a task were to be undertaken by hand.

customer relationship managementHaving the access to a computerized system streamlines the most routine tasks such as keeping lists up to date, mailing notices, and similar routine, but time consuming tasks under other circumstances.

The premise of relationship management allows a direct response to the input and needs of customers, allowing one-on-one solutions that meet the requirements of the customer. It allows direct communications online with customers, and it allows the formation of customer service centers that help solve the issues of customers.

Keeping track of sales is another important function of good customer relationship management systems. The tracking of a customer’s account history is very valuable in knowing the frequency with which a customer orders as well as the volume of business that customer brings to the table. The tracking of sales in relation to marketing efforts is a valuable relationship to know and keep track of.

The ability to have up to date customer data available is extremely valuable as far as marketing efforts, as certain sales campaigns can be geared to different groups as they apply.

Opportunity management is a term that many do not understand, but having up to the minute data allows management to take advantage of buying opportunities of inventory, ad space, and other opportunities that otherwise might be missed, with incomplete or out of date information.

By utilizing modern technology, businesses can be instant in their decision making and know that they are solid with their ability to make the proper and correct choices.